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Discount of CHF 10.- for Sensolar Products

SENSOLAR® - The high level product range for ambitious professional cyclists
Spring has arrived and we can finally resume a new cycling season in our latitudes. Protect yourself safely and reliably against the harmful effects of UV rays now with an emulsifier-free sunscreen, also suitable for sensitive skin. With SENSOLAR®, sun protection factors stay on the skin and can protect you longer and better - during training and competition. SENSOLAR® sunscreen also contains no nanoparticles or alcohol that can dry out the skin. SENSOLAR® is non-greasy, does not burn in the eyes and is resistant to water and perspiration. All the important properties that you will appreciate not only by bike. And don't forget: SENSOLAR® seat cream Active, the Swiss formula par excellence.
Our advice:
Offer your precious muscles in training and competition for preparation and regeneration our wonderful magnesium spray [Active] Oil Sport and our magnesium bath flakes[Active].
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Fresh, bold and bright. Trendy socks and cool bike cap in retro style.

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