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First and foremost, the choice of sun protection product is very important. The sun protection factor (SPF) determines how long you can spend protected in the sun. Always pay attention to the UVA label.
In addition to the protection factor, however, your personal comfort is also very important. How well can your skin tolerate the product and has it been dermatologically tested? How does it feel on the skin? Can you use the sunscreen daily as prevention against skin damage and/or under makeup? Especially for sports, the product should absorb quickly, be extra-water resistant and sweat resistant, and not burn the eyes.

The following tips will help ease your mind so that you can enjoy a safe, protected day in the sun:

Always use enough sunscreen and apply it evenly to ensure that it will be effective against the sun’s damaging rays. Below, you can find what amount you or your child need.

Reapply the cream regularly, because the protective film can be weakened when you sweat, swim, or dry off with a towel. By reapplying the cream several times, you cannot extend the maximum duration of the sun protection, but only maintain it.

The length of time you can spend in the sun depends on your skin type as well as the SPF you use. Find out more about this here and here (in German, French and Italian only).

Surfaces such as sand, water or snow reflect the sun. This increases the intensity of the UV rays to which we are exposed. Additionally, this intensity increases with increasing altitude, i.e. when biking, hiking or skiing in the mountains.

We are exposed to the sun's UV rays to varying degrees all year round, even under cloudy skies or in winter. Especially on the face and hands, sun protection prevents skin damage 365 days a year.

When it comes to sunscreen, the amount counts!

Only if you apply enough sunscreen will the complete protective effect unfold - completely independent of the SPF. This amount is about 2 mg per cm2 of skin. Check out the chart below to know approximately how much this is.

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