Press release of 10 July 2018 - bike to work
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Press release of 10 July 2018

Record at bike to work Challenge 2018: 65,000 cyclists cover 16 million kilometres by bike!

The bike to work Challenge 2018 breaks all records: more participants, more teams, more companies and more kilometres! In the months of May and June 64’680 participants from 2’114 companies travelled a total of 15’970’071 kilometres by bike on their way to work. These figures break all records and show that biking has really become a trend.
This year more companies decided to join the Pro Velo Switzerland campaign for two months, with 51% of companies taking part in May & June. This is also evident in the record number of kilometres covered, 15,9 million (+26%). On average each participant cycled 247 kilometres or 19 bike days on their way to work.
«The success of bike to work shows how important the bike is for companies in the future. Companies are investing increasingly in the bike as a means of transport, as it brings positive effects to the health of employees, savings potential in the infrastructure and efficient mobility within urban areas.» says Matthias Aebischer, President of Pro Velo Switzerland.
bike to work recorded a particularly high number of participants in the agglomerations of Zurich, Berne and Lausanne. Nowadays the bike is far more than just a means of moving around the urban centres of Switzerland – it’s a lifestyle, a statement and fun all at the same time.
Numerous participants tried cycling to work for the first time and became enthusiastic about bike to work. Many expressed surprise at how easy it is to go to work by bike and what positive effects are achieved.
Isabelle K. from Baden took part for the first time this year: ‘‘The feeling of biking to work in the early morning through the quiet streets is unique. The movement helps me wake up and at the same time I have accomplished my first sporting activity of the day. And bike to work sharpens the senses. You become aware of things that you really didn’t notice before. I can really recommend bike to work to everyone – it’s a great experience that brings movement and fun to my everyday routine.
Successful health promotion for companies
bike to work stands for more movement during the working day. Those who bike to work have already accomplished a part of the recommended daily level of physical activity. In addition, measures for promoting health in companies, which also include bike to work, are significant from the economic point of view. Healthier staff drop out more rarely and are more effective. Accordingly, costs arising from illness can be reduced.
bike to work Challenge 2018 in detail
Participants 64’680 participants +18% (previous year: 54’780)
Teams 17’054 teams +17% (previous year: 14’547)
Companies 2‘114 companies +12% (previous year: 1’885)
Kilometres 15’970’071 kilometres +26% (previous year: 12’250’696)
CO2-Equivalence* 2’300 tonnes +26% (previous year: 1’828) *Calculation base: 144g/km CO2 emissions
Top-3-companies in terms of teams
  1. Migros Group 425 teams
  2. ETH Zurich 280 teams
  3. Swiss Post 270 teams
Top-6-cantons in terms of companies
  1. Canton Zurich 466 comp.
  2. Canton Berne 424 comp.
  3. Canton Aargau 165 comp.
  4. Canton St. Gallen 158 comp.
  5. Canton Lucerne 139 comp.
  6. Canton of Vaud 81 comp.
Further results and winners

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