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10 reasons for bikE to work

1. Experience happiness

After 20 minutes of exercise your body releases the messenger substances serotonin and dopamine. These help you to achieve new feelings of happiness in a natural way. In addition, a morning bike ride increases your receptiveness and concentration.

2. Improve your fitness

30 minutes exercise a day have a significantly positive effect on your fitness and health. Regular exercise leads to a lower resting pulse rate and a higher oxygen level in your blood count. Jump on your bike and stay in good shape!

3. Get rid of stress

Is your day made up of stress, hectic rush and deadline pressure? Sufficient exercise helps you to get rid of stress hormones and give your body and mind the relaxation needed. bike to work makes it easy to achieve a balance between everyday stress and relaxation.

4. Save money

Going to work on your bike saves money! Season tickets, petrol, parking, taxes.... Many commuters recognize how attractive a bike is as a means of transport and an ever-increasing number of them opt for the bike. For example, people who drive ten kilometres to work every day, spend yearly around CHF 600 for petrol alone.

5. Save the environment

Transport accounts for one third of the greenhouse gases produced in Switzerland. Just do something for the environment: go to work by bike and avoid producing CO2- and fine particle emissions. In addition, a bike makes no noise and takes up hardly any space.

6. Promote team spirit

One for all and all for one. By biking in teams of four you travel together, exchange experiences and motivate each other. Celebrating your collective success is part of the undertaking! What‘s more, you can be a member of the Switzerland-wide “bike-to-work“ community which numbers about 65,000 cyclists.

7. Win prizes

If you take part in “bike-to-work“, you will not only be guaranteed fun and fitness, you will also take part in the draw for fantastic prizes worth a total of over CHF 110,000. Just sign up, bike with us, and whoever uses a bike for more than 50% of their workdays, automatically takes part in the big prize draw!

8. Be a zippy commuter

Train cancellations, overloaded buses, delays in public transport, crowded streets and traffic jams are all part of everyday traffic. On a bike or an e-bike you can swiftly and calmly bypass the traffic jams and get to your place of work in a comfortable and relaxed fashion.

9. Enjoy the experience

Joining the “bike-to-work“ commuters also means always experiencing new things. Discover a new way to work, cycle through the warm summer evening after work, smell the sweet scent of lime-tree blossom in June. Share your experiences on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #biketowork.

10. Know what it is like to be cool

Biking is in, whether you bike with a colourful Fixie, a fast racing bike or a comfortable Beach Cruiser. There are also some rather cool gadgets and accessories, not forgetting many smartphone apps. Get on your bike now!

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