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In 2020 bike to work is making a repeated commitment in favour of our planet. In registering for the bike to work Challenge 2020 companies had the choice of receiving a thank-you gift or donating the amount for the planting of trees. Over 2/3 of the companies opted to donate.

bike to work supports the companiesā€˜ donations and rounds up the amount to the nearest thousand francs.

In addition, 19 individuals and companies donated a total of 1251 trees on the basis of their personal Challenge results.

Thanks to these numerous donations bike to work is having 14'000 trees planted.

We are working with the non-profit organisation One Tree Planted for the planting of the trees. One Tree Planted promotes protection of the climate and the biological diversity of the planet through reforesting. The planting of the trees takes place where it makes most sense and is most effective. Cultivation areas are in Asia, Africa, Central and North America.

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