That's what's new in 2022 - bike to work
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That's what's new in 2022

New calendar

Stay on the ball!

The new calendar provides more dynamism and real time. If you make no entry on a day, this working day automatically becomes red and counts as «Working day without bike». The calendar automatically marks Saturday and Sunday grey as «Not a workday».

So enter your bike days regularly, to defend your position in the ranking!

Important for holiday experts

Whether vacation or public holiday – you can already enter your work-free days in advance.

Awards – the three new ones

Three new awards have been added. May we introduce them?

On fire

Yeah, you are on fire: on the last working days you have always biked to work. Carry on so that the fire stays alive!

Holiday expert

A true holiday expert: you were on vacation for at least a week.

Kilometre Champion

Champion! You racked up the most kilometres of all in your company. You rode rings around your colleagues from work.

New category - attention kilometre rowdies!

With the new category «Top 3 per kilometrage» on the company page you have another opportunity to shine, in addition to your ranking. Aside from percentages and days, fight for your place on the podium with your kilometre performance!

Endless searching among the rankings? That's a thing of the past!

The ranking lists have now become clearer. The top three rankings are highlighted in gold, silver and bronze. In addition there's now a button that takes you directly to your position.

Avatare - «Show the boss»

…was a feedback we have received many times. We have now provided the team leader with a glamorous crown so that it's clear for everyone who's the boss.

Souvenir #biketowork

Surprise your team with a nice gift from our store.

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