That's what's new in 2023 - bike to work
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What's new

There are some great little novelties! Just network, experience the Community and collect even more awards. Here's what's new in 2023:

Share statistic boxes

Who else will pedal along among the people around you? With the new share function you can proudly display your #biketowork performance to your friends and acquaintances.

bike to work: that's you!

Check briefly how your neighbouring company is doing, how many kilometres have been covered and how much CO2 saved, or witness the best experiences of others? With just one click you dive into the Community: as soon as you are logged in, you find the new #biketowork in the navigation.

Two new team achievements

With the new achievements you'll succeed in no time in kindling the fire for team spirit and reach common milestones.


Strong performance! Continue pedalling hard and head as a team of 4 for the next big milestone.

4 on fire

Yeah, you're on fire: on the last working days all 4 of you biked to work. Keep going, to keep the fire alive!

Build on the previous year's success

Attention coordinators: after registering your team you can then download a list of participants of the previous year. Reactivate those who took part and you're surely off to a good start. But don't forget to bring new colleagues on board!

Various UX optimisations

bike to work has become even easier and more understandable. Thanks to various UX optimisations for coordinators and participants the challenge will now run even more smoothly in your company.

Register company now

With the participation we offer your company a comprehensive service package: from flyers and posters to website and app for route recording through to the organisation and draw for the prizes.

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Participate in your company

Is your company registered for the bike to work Challenge? Great! Log in, jump on your bike as often as possible and with a bit of luck you can win great prizes.

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Incentive Gifts

You'll find attractive gifts and fan articles in the Shop: high quality bottles, trendy socks and practical cotton bags.

Who is participating?

Discover the #biketowork community with the brand new company list!