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bike to work is a company health promotion campaign in Switzerland. The efficient and inexpensive hands-on activity promotes health and team spirit in the company.
With bike to work your BGM corporate health management becomes that much more successful: with calendar, free printed material and a prize draw, everything is taken care of. The administrative load is minimal, thanks to on-line processing.

In the national bike campaign round 49'000 employees use a bike to go to work in May and June. And, through bike to work, over 1850 companies strengthen the team spirit and fitness of their staff and commit themselves to a sustainable mobility culture.


You register your company for bike to work on-line – either for May or June, or for both months. In the campaign month, employees go to work by bike in teams of 4 on as many days as possible. They record the kilometres covered in their calendar on-line. Those who in the end have covered more than 50% of the way to work by bike, take part in the draw for prizes worth more than CHF 120'000.


A recent study by the University of Berne testifies to the effectiveness of bike to work. Two months after the campaign, participants still went to work by bike more often than before the campaign. Furthermore the campaign bike to work not only increased the frequency of biking to work, it also increased the use of bikes in leisure time – both during the campaign and two months later.

«bike to work has already convinced many employees to build more mobility into their everyday routine».
Iris Perner, Co-Head of Health Management, Swiss Post

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