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How can I participate in bike to work?

bike to work is a campaign to promote health within companies. You can participate in bike to work as soon as your company is registered. To do this you create a personal profile, assign it to your company and then record your bike days regularly on the calendar.

How do I register a company?

First create a personal profile. Then you can register your company. If the company already exists, the respective coordinator must register it and subscribe for the current Challenge.

Can I also register my company after the Challenge has started?

Yes, you can still register your company for the current Challenge at short notice.


Can I choose the months in which I wish to participate?

Your company determines in which months you can participate in bike to work. May or June or May and June. You can see under ‘Company‘ which months your firm is participating.

Are teams of 5 also possible?

No, this is not possible. Team spirit is an important component of bike to work, and so as many as possible 4-person teams should ride along. In exceptional cases teams of 2 or 3 people or only one person can be formed. However, only teams of 4 can take part in the draw for the team prize.

Are combined forms of mobility possible?

Days on which you use the bike in combination with the car also count as bike days, as long as a distance of at least 6 km is covered by bike. One person per team can participate by going to work without bike but using the own physical strength, for example on foot, with Inline skates etc. A combination with public transport is permitted as long as at least 2 km per work day are spent moving with your own physical strength.

Am I insured if I have an accident during the campaign?

Insurance is the responsibility of the participants. All employees in Switzerland are covered by an occupational accident insurance.

Can a friend of a work colleague also take part?

No, only employees of a registered company can participate. In addition, all members of a team must work for the same employer.


What do I record on the calendar?

You record on the calendar how you have travelled to work on your work days. Also indicate how many kilometres you have covered.
GREEN: Travel to work by bike or by own physical strength, skateboard etc. or through combination of public transport and bike.
RED: Travel by car, public transport, motorbike etc.
GREY: Days on which you don’t work, e.g. free, part-time, home office, illness, military service and so on should be left blank in the form.

What are the conditions for taking part in the prize draw?

If you use a bike for at least half of your personal work days, you automatically participate in the draw for individual prizes. All teams of 4 in which each team member has travelled to work at least 50% of the time also have the chance of winning team prizes.

By when must I record the bike days and kilometres?

You can record your bike days and kilometres at the latest 3 July 2019, 11.59 pm. After that, no entries or changes are possible.

When will the winners be announced?

The winners will be announced on 8 July 2019 on Facebook, and from 9 July 2019 by e-mail and on the bike to work website. The prizes will be sent by post at the latest by mid-August.


We will gladly respond to your question by phone on +41 31 318 54 13 or by e-mail via info@biketowork.ch

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