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The pack contains 6 Axanova and Axamine products: • 1x Axanova activ bad • 1x Axanova activ gel • 1x Axanova power patch • 1x Axamine magnesium sticks • 1x Axamine multiVit sticks • 1x Axanova Shoe-Bag Axanova: gives strength to your muscles and joints. All Axanova have immediate effects, due to the natural penetration power of their essential oils. The benefits of these powerfully bioactive vegetable extracts have been confirmed by numerous scientific studies. Applied on the skin, they provide a sensation of cold or intense heat, in function of the dosage of their components. Axamine: food supplement for vitality and mobility. Axamine is a product designed to complete a diet through elements that help to rebalance its nutritional value. Our eating habits are often not sufficient to cover the body's need for vitamins, mineral salts, oligo-elements, unsaturated fatty acids and other important nutrients. Food supplements in the Axamine range combine nutritional substances destined to complement our diet and rectify its deficiencies to the appropriate extent.

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Exclusive and limited edition: the 5dl bottle made of stainless steel was designed especially for the Challenge 2020!

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