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1 x Sun protection – SPF 25, 100 ml 1 x Insect repellent 1 x Sensolar Seat Cream Active Sun protection - 2-phase formulation for best protection with optimal skin friendliness! - for all skin types - UV protection for skin & hair - water resistant - without alcohol - not greased - does not burn in the eyes - perfume & emulsifiers free SENSOLAR sun protection contains no nanoparticles, no paraffins, no parabens, no alcohol, no emulsifiers Insect repellent Zero Bite works and protects you during the day, whether you lounge and lie in the sun, climb mountains, run marathons or just go for a walk. The special formula gives the product uniquely high adhesion to the skin and water resistance, without sticking, greasing or running into the eyes when you are athletically active. At night, Zero Bite cares for your skin and lets it fall asleep with a pleasant fragrance experience. Your night’s rest is reliably defended by Zero Bite against all annoying biting insects. You can dream in peace. ZeroBite builds up an invisible shield around you, which reliably keeps the pests away without you feeling it-all night long. Seat cream active For the prevention of: - chafing wounds - skin irritations - tensions - sitting pain Resistant to water and sweat. Forms a pressure cushion for the stressed skin areas. Pleasant, fresh scent and good spreading behaviour on the skin.

CHF 45


This lightweight towel in organic cotton fits any pocket for excursions on or by the water.


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