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Arnika Sport Shower Gel & Arnika Massage Oil Arnika Sport Shower Gel 200 ml Active people who are self-aware and conscious of their environment have high demands with respect to care and protection. This also applies to the choice of shower gel after intense physical activity. Whether after hiking, sport or simply working in the garden, not only the muscles call for refreshment but also the skin. Showering with Arnika Sport Shower Gel provides a feeling of freshness and gives the body new energy. Arnika Massage Oil 50 ml Sport means vitality. Feeling one's own strength, perceiving one's body, testing individual performance limits. A super tip for the muscle structure, the warming Arnika Massage Oil with its powerful effect keeps the skin elastic. The ingredients of the alpine plant Arnica montana support the movement organism so that it remains healthy even under high strain. So Arnika Massage Oil is a proven training partner for all activities.

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Exclusive and limited edition: the 5dl bottle made of stainless steel was designed especially for the Challenge 2020!

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