How do I overcome my inner couch potato?

Rainy weather, cold or tiredness… often makes it difficult to convince your inner couch potato to ride your bike. Here you will find some motivation to get on your bike every day. And not just for the bike to work Challenge.

Find a bike partner

It’s easier with a buddy: Riding your bike together with a friend or colleague can not only boost your motivation, but also emphasize the social aspect. It also definitely makes riding in bad weather more enjoyable.

Reward yourself

Looking forward to a reward can work as motivation. For every successful biking day or every biking week, give yourself a small reward. A favorite meal, a relaxing shower, a 2 Franc coin in the piggy bank, whatever makes you feel good.

Reminders of the benefits

Write all the benefits of riding a bike on a bright Post-it note and stick it to your front door. A few examples: Daily dose of exercise; My cardiovascular system benefits (also true for e-bikes!); My little time-out on my bike; No frustrating traffic; I no longer need a parking spot; I save money; I am doing something good for the environment … or other personal benefits.

Note your CO2 savings

Every evening or every week, calculate how much CO2 you were able to save with the kilometers you rode on your bike compared to traveling the same distance by car or public transport. Did you know? If you count up all the kilometers of all Stromer riders over a year, you come up with savings of around 1.4 tons of CO2 compared to a car!

Give away your car key

Is the temptation to take your car too high? Leave your car key or your public transport ticket subscription with a friend.

Invest in a Speed Pedelec

Is comfort what is keeping you from commuting by bike every day? Is your commute too long or hilly, which is what makes it so hard to find your motivation? Then you should get a Speed Pedelec. In the following tip you will learn how and where you can test ride an S-Pedelec for free during the bike-to-work campaign.
A tip in collaboration with Stromer