Press release from 8 July 2019 - bike to work
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Press release of 8 July 2019


Biking is trendy, the e-bike boom continues and awareness of climate-friendly mobility is on the rise. This is also reflected in the cycling and health promotion campaign bike to work by Pro Velo Switzerland. The bike to work Challenge 2019 broke all records: more participants, more teams, more companies and more kilometres! During May and June 71,834 participants from 2,397 companies covered 17,510,088 kilometres biking to and from work. This represents the equivalent of 2,521 tons of CO2, corresponding to a Buchenwald of 201,000 trees.
This year more companies participated in the Pro Velo Switzerland campaign over two months. 55% of the companies took part in May & June. This is also shown in the record number of kilometres covered – 17.5 million. Participants pedalled to work by bike at an average of 244 kilometres over 19 days.
"More and more people want to bike, because it’s healthy and fun. I hope the authorities will take note of this sign of the times and move ahead with improving the infrastructure for biking.“ says Aline Trede, Vice-President of Pro Velo Switzerland.
Successful bike campaign since 2005 For the past 15 years many commuters have taken up biking thanks to bike to work, and enthusiastically support the bike campaign. Most of them are surprised at how simple it is to bike to work and what a positive effect cycling brings
Rebecca Schwob from Waldenburg biked to work for the first time and is enthusiastic: ‘‘I have developed a taste for it and have bought myself a great new bike which I will use to go to work from now on!“ Werner Bertschi, chief of police at Oberes Fricktal, states: ’’It’s impressive how many kilometres accumulate, even with just a few people cycling to work. bike to work shows that everything starts small and that each participant can make his or her individual contribution. And when many people do the same together, as with bike to work, then the result is something great, that has a positive effect’’.
Successful health promotion for companies bike to work means more mobility in the work day. Those who bike to work have already completed a part of their recommended daily exercise. In-company measures to promote health, including bike to work, are also important from the economic point of view. Healthy employees are absent less frequently and perform better. Costs arising from illness can therefore be reduced.
Figures bike to work Challenge 2019
  • 71,834 participants +11%
  • 18,815 teams +11%
  • 2,397 companies +13%
  • 17,510,088 kilometres +10%
  • 1’334’328 Bike days +8%
  • 2,521 tons CO2 equivalent +10%
Top 5 cantons per number of companies
  1. Zurich 535 companies
  2. Berne 488 companies
  3. Aargau 196 companies
  4. St. Gallen 178 companies
  5. Lucerne 150 companies
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