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The essentials

During the Challenge you make regular entries in the calendar, marking each day with the correct colour.

Biking at your workplace

  • You have biked to work: in this case you enter the distance covered and confirm the entry with green «With bike» . You may include any detours.
  • You have not biked to work: mark the day red «Without bike».

Biking on a home office day

  • You rode your bike: in this case you enter the whole distance covered and confirm the entry with green «With bike».
  • You did not ride your bike: mark the day red «Without bike».

Having a day off?

  • Bike rides on non-working days may not be entered. Consequently on non-working days (days off, vacation, illness or other absence) you always mark grey «Not a workday». Grey days are neutral and are not taken into account for the draw.

Other rules

  • You way to work is too long? A combination of bike with public transport or car is permitted. But make sure that you only enter the kilometres covered by bike.
  • Motivated but still no bike? One member per team may participate on foot, with a scooter, skateboard or other means using their own muscle power. You enter the distance covered as bile kilometres.
  • E-bikes are permitted.


  • If you use a bike on at least 50% of your working days, you automatically take part in the individual prize draw.
  • Each 4-person team whose members have followed the 50% rule also takes part in the team prize draw.

You can find further information in our FAQ. We are also at your disposal by e-mail at or by phone on +41 31 318 54 13.

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