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Game rules

Have you logged in, found your company and joined a team? Then you'll find the rest here: which trips count, how the draw works and how you can participate despite home office or a long way to work.

Enter your bike trips

During the challenge you make regular entries in the Challenge Calendar, by marking each day with the correct colour.

Biking at your workplace

  • You have biked to work: in this case you enter the distance covered and confirm the entry with green «With bike» . You may include any detours.
  • You have not biked to work: mark the day red «Without bike».

Biking on a home office day

  • You rode your bike: in this case you enter the whole distance covered and confirm the entry with green «With bike».
  • You did not ride your bike: mark the day red «Without bike».

Having a day off?

  • Bike rides on non-working days may not be entered. Consequently on non-working days (days off, vacation, illness or other absence) you always mark grey «Not a workday». Grey days are neutral and are not taken into account for the draw.
If you don't make an entry before midnight, the day is automatically marked red on working days or respectively grey on Saturday/Sunday. Of course you can still adjust the entries later on.

Prize draw

  • If you use a bike on at least 50% of your working days, you automatically take part in the individual prize draw.
  • Each 4-person team whose members have followed the 50% rule also takes part in the team prize draw.

Other rules

  • You way to work is too long? A combination of bike with public transport or car is permitted. But make sure that you only enter the kilometres covered by bike.
  • Motivated but still no bike? One member per team may participate on foot, with a scooter, skateboard or other means using their own muscle power. You enter the distance covered as bike kilometres.
  • E-bikes are permitted.

You can find further information in our FAQ. We are also at your disposal by e-mail at or by phone on +41 31 318 54 13.

Log in, ride along & win

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