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Trial Half Fare Travelcard

Combine the flexibility of a bike with the reliability of public transport with our bike to work scheme – park your bike right at the station and then hop on the train from there. You can find other opportunities to use bikes, trains and buses in combination at:

The proof of the pudding is in the eating: try the Trial Half Fare Travelcard now.

Trial Half Fare Travelcard for two months for the price of CHF 33. If you convert the trial travelcard into a standard Half Fare Travelcard without a break in validity, the CHF 33 will be credited to your purchase.

The offer is only valid upon presentation of a voucher from bike to work. Redeem this voucher at a staffed public transport point of sale between 24 April 2023 and 16 June 2023. The Trial Half Fare Travelcard will be loaded onto the SwissPass. Bring a valid official ID document and a passport photo (a physical photo or a digital photo on your smartphone) or your SwissPass to the point of sale.

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