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TSG RIDERS FOR RIDERS - Passionate and committed to producing the best protective equipment. For the past amazing 30 years, with tremendous progress in technology, design and style, TSG has remained as popular as ever with sports professionals. The company is still in private hands. It operates directly from the heart of Switzerland and devotes itself with great dedication to producing the world's best protective equipment. With respect to style, comfort, design, technology and, above all, safety, the yardstick is set higher every year. With the code BTW2023 you receive a discount of 30% on all products under the following link:

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Souvenirs Challenge 2023!

In the Shop you'll find great articles to remind you of an unforgettable Challenge and awake that summer holiday feeling on two wheels! 😊

Ride your bike - but safely!

The 3 most important tips for safe and happy cycling.