The team

Robin Allenbach Project Lead

The Seelander and sportsman in the bike to work team: Robin loves to play football with the second league team SV Lyss. In the warm
season you can find him with his friends and a stand-up paddle board on the nearby Lake Biel and on the Aare.

Thierry Glanzmann Web & Services

Thierry is not only a longstanding bike to work fan, but also a passionate road bike cyclist and trailrunner. His motto: the steeper the better!
No wonder that one of his favourite spots is the Niesen, high above the Lake of Thun.

Pascal Perriard Customer Service

Pascal lives in the beautiful Gruyère region in the canton of Fribourg and is a fan of the Slow Life. So you'll often see him on his bike, be it a
mountain bike, gravel bike or a road bike. He also does other sports like badminton and loves board games.

Sarah Kohler Communication

Sarah is not only out and about on her bike, but also swings herself up into the saddle on horseback. She can be found in secluded
places all over the world - be it on a bench with a view of the Nidwalden mountain panorama or with her feet in the warm water of the sea.

Adrian Freiburghaus Marcom

A ‘child of the skies‘, according to rumour. He’s often on the move in the wider world and indulging in magic moments: cherry blossoms in
Japan, the wild Pacific in Australia or in his nature garden in the countryside.

Gian Jäger Civilian volunteer

Gian is fascinated by movement of all kinds and pursues his passion in an acrobatic show group and in Crossfit.
Otherwise, he also enjoys peace and quiet and can be found in the countryside or in a cosy coffee shop with a book in his hand or in company of good friends.

Gin Chief Cuddle Officer

Our office dog's main occupation is to greet everyone happily, be cuddled and look incredibly cute - especially when she is asleep.
In her free time, she likes to be chauffeured around in the bike trailer, play wildly by the water, go on hikes or chew on things.