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Connect to your existing profile or create a new personal profile, and register your company for the bike to work Challenge from mid-January onwards. Your company can participate in the Challenge during May or June or both months. The one-time participation fees for the whole staff depend on the size of the company.
Then it’s up to you to communicate internally on the participation in bike to work. Inform your staff colleagues that as of now they can register autonomously on and form teams of 4 persons.

Register a company

Calculate your participation fees and register your company for the Challenge in May and/or June.
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The fee is calculated on the basis of the total number of employees in the company, regardless of the number of bike to work participants.

«The competitive element is also a good personal stimulus and contributes to strengthening the spirit of cohesion among colleagues, bike to work is team building. Especially as at Bechtle we are used to closing the season with the presentation of a prize internally, accompanied by festivities!»

Céline Charbonnier Marketing, Bechtle Schweiz AG


Website & App

The app and website tell participants all about the challenge. As soon as they have connected to the company, they have access to the in-house section with the Challenge Calendar including tracking function and the team, company and Community page. Thanks to playful elements bike to work sparks off a fire for biking with couch potatoes!
As coordinator you also have an own page at your disposal with the key information and functions. Here you can manage the company, create teams and export lists of teams or participants.
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Einzel- & Teampreise

bike to work takes care of the organisation and draw of the individual and team prizes worth over CHF 140,000.–

Infomails to participants

We inform registered participants by e-mail shortly before, during and after the Challenge, of the next steps and key deadlines.


You can order free flyers and posters in all four languages.

Optional: Premium Support

bike to work übernimmt die administrative Verwaltung der Aktion: Haben deine Mitarbeitenden Fragen, können sie sich direkt an bike to work wenden. Es stehen eine eigene Hotline und E-Mail-Adresse zur Verfügung. Am Ende der Aktion bekommt dein Betrieb ein ausgedrucktes Zertifikat mit eurer Betriebsstatistik. Kosten: CHF 500.-.