Jump on your bike as often as possible with your colleagues in May and June, improve your fitness and team spirit while contributing to
saving the environment. Become part of Switzerland's largest bike and health promotion campaign now.


One person takes care of the registration and internal coordination. Your company can take part in the Challenge either in May or June or for the two months, and it pays the one-time participation fees for the whole staff. Then log in and look for your company. Create a team, and as team leader invite your colleagues or join an existing team.

2. Ride

Go from home to work by bike or e-bike, and record the kilometres covered in the Challenge calendar from your computer or smartphone. With the bike to work application you can also record the routes automatically. So you can win colourful rewards and secure places on the podium.

3. Win

Jump on your bike regularly and win prizes worth a total of CHF 140,000.–! If you bike to work on at least 50% of your work days, you take part at the end of the challenge in the draw for individual prizes. For all teams of 4 in which each member follows the 50% rule, there will also be a draw for team prizes.

«Experience the awakening of the day, encounters with cyclists and walkers that only consist of waving hello, and with time grow to a kind of wordless relationship or perhaps one day get caught in a conversation. The ride home is for me, apart from being a fitness programme, also the best form of mental hygiene: switching off completely and leaving work behind, before I get back to the family.»
Dino Zanchelli Participant bike to work

Game Rules

Calendar entries

During the challenge you make regular entries in the Challenge Calendar, by marking each day with the correct colour. You can only book free days before the challenge, turquoise or pink days can only be entered on the same day or afterwards
Velofahren zum Arbeitsort You have biked to work: in this case you enter the distance covered and confirm the entry with turquoise «With bike» . You may include any detours. You have not biked to work: mark the day pink «Without bike».
Biking on a home office day You rode your bike: in this case you enter the whole distance covered and confirm the entry with turquoise «With bike». You did not ride your bike: mark the day pink «Without bike»
Having a day off? Bike rides on non-working days may not be entered. Consequently on non-working days (days off, vacation, illness or other absence) you always mark grey «Not a workday». Grey days are neutral and are not taken into account for the draw.


If you use a bike on at least 50% of your working days, you automatically take part in the individual prize draw. Each 4-person team whose members have followed the 50% rule also takes part in the team prize draw.

Kombiniertes Pendeln

You way to work is too long? A combination of bike with public transport or car is permitted. But make sure that you only enter the kilometres covered by bike. Motivated but still no bike? One member per team may participate on foot, with a scooter, skateboard or other means using their own muscle power. You enter the distance covered as bike kilometres. E-bikes are permitted.


With your smartphone in your pocket, you have access to your personal Challenge calendar at all times. So you can check rapidly how your team is doing and see how many kilometres your company has covered.

Why participate?

After 20 minutes of exercise your body releases the messenger substances serotonin and dopamine. These help you to achieve new feelings of happiness in a natural way. In addition, a morning bike ride increases your receptiveness and concentration.
30 minutes exercise a day have a significantly positive effect on your fitness and health. Regular exercise leads to a lower resting pulse rate and a higher oxygen level in your blood count. Jump on your bike and stay in good shape!
Is your day made up of stress, hectic rush and deadline pressure? Sufficient exercise helps you to get rid of stress hormones and give your body and mind the relaxation needed.
Going to work on your bike saves money! Season tickets, petrol, parking, taxes.... For example, people who drive ten kilometres to work every day, spend yearly around CHF 600.- for petrol alone.
Transport accounts for one third of the greenhouse gas emissions produced in Switzerland. Ride to work by bike, avoid producing CO2 and particle emissions and noise. In 2023 bike to work participants saved 4000 tons of CO2.
Train cancellations, overloaded buses, delays in public transport, crowded streets and traffic jams are all part of everyday traffic. On a bike or an e-bike you can swiftly and calmly bypass the traffic jams and get to your place of work in a comfortable and relaxed fashion.
One for all, and all for one! You ride in the team, exchange experiences and motivate each other. Together with 100,000 other cyclists you are part of the bike to work community.
Participating in bike to work means always experiencing new things. Discover a new way to work, ride through the warm summer evening after work or smell the sweet scent of lime tree blossom in June.
For participants in bike to work it's not only fun and fitness that are guaranteed, but also access to exclusive benefits offered by our partners, and the chance to win individual and team prizes worth a total of over CHF 140,000.–!